Who Are These Guys?

Shaun Hornby  - shaun@lcdiamonds.com
Lead vocals, guitar, cheezy British accent and the best furniture restorer in the band! Some call him the "British Elvis"... we just call him when he's late to rehearsal.

Mark Buehnerkemper - mark@lcdiamonds.com 
Keyboards, vocals. Yes, Dr. Mark really is an eye doctor, although he tires of all the "Don't you wish you were a real doctor" jokes. His dream for the band... "Can't we all just get along?"

Dale Billester - dale@lcdiamonds.com 

Bass guitar and honest to goodness locksmith. We've never had to use his professional services, but if we ever get locked out of our cars when traveling far out of town for our latest gig, we'll hope that he keeps a spare bobby pin in his wall

Steve Thoma - steve@lcdiamonds.com
With us since 2015, Steve is the newest member of our collection of musical prodigies, Steve's drumming chops go all the way back to his first surf band when he was twelve years old. By his early teens his bands we're on the same bill, opening for bands such as Van Morrison & Them, Eric Burden & the Animals, the Grateful Dead, and the Doors; but his musical career has finally reached the big time by landing a coveted spot with the LC Diamonds.  Eat your heart out Jim Morrison!

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