Wanna know about our 'Real Jobs'?

Shaun Hornby

Furniture Restoration - www.hornbysrestoration.com

Shaun is well known in our community for doing amazing restorative work on antique or damaged furniture.  He is a member of the English Guild of Master Craftsman, and has been doing restoration work in Lakeport for over ten years.

Dave Hagberg

Retired High School Teacher - Lakeport Alternative School

Dave really has been voted "Teacher of the Year" in the Lakeport Unified School District.  He is a highly respected English teacher who taught Senior English at Clear Lake High School for many years.  He left that position to help improve and build the Lakeport Alternative Education School, formerly known as "Natural High."  He is now retired and spends his time fishing and trying to remember how to play all of our songs.

Mark Buehnerkemper

Optometrist - www.eyedrmark.com

Mark, known as "Dr. Mark" to his patients, has practiced optometry in Downtown Lakeport since 1996.  He provides a wide array of eye related services and products, and dedicates his practice to "the preservation and enhancement of our great gift of vision."

eChart Acuity - Software -www.echartacuity.com

Mark develops and markets software for the eyecare industry.  His product is used throughout the US and many other countries. 

Dale Billester

Locksmith - lakelock@pacific.net

Dale is a very talented locksmith who prides himself on providing quality work at a fair price.  You probably know his black panel truck that is often seen cruising the highways and byways of Lake County.  You probably don't know that Dale keeps up to date with the latest technology and high security locking mechanisms, and has been successful at meeting his customer's needs where other locksmiths have failed.

Steve Thoma

Manager - Haven on the Lake - http://www.havenonthelake.com

If you need a luxury lakefront vacation home rental, Steve can set you up.

Steve also works for Lake County Behavioral Health, and when the Diamonds don't have enough gigs to fill his musical needs, he beats the skins with the Psychedellos.